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Where the light doesn’t help!

You may have come across this cartoon/joke before. What does it illustrate? That we are tempted to look for solutions and answers in silly, unlikely or easy/first available places. Nearly 60 years ago, the Russian cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin—the first human launched into space—allegedly returned to Earth with a message: “I looked and looked and looked, but I didn't see God.” If he really said this (which is a bit unlikely) he was looking in the wrong place. Elijah was expecting 2800 years ago to find God in the big events –earthquake, wind, fire – but it turned out He was in the still small voice. Jesus’ parents searched everywhere for the missing lad at first amongst the travellers on the road back from Jerusalem and then in Jerusalem itself and eventually – 3 days later - found him in the Temple. Mary Magdalene was looking for Jesus after the Resurrection expecting to find his body had been dumped or hidden somewhere, and then was amazed and delighted to find he was the (apparent) gardener.

Where should we expect to find Jesus in the lockdown? The easy answer might be in the dubious websites and Blogs (not this one!) which claim inside information. Or in a bottle of gin. In your horoscope. What about looking inside yourself? That’s an interesting one which you could think about. What about in a church? Could be, if you can find one open. In the garden? In Delamere Forest? In poetry? In music? In the Bible? In prayer?

Many find Jesus in service to others, and more generally in love and kindness. In the parable of the Good Samaritan, our hero was not able to stay indefinitely to look after the man who had been beaten up, but he was prepared to delegate that job to the innkeeper. “Here’s some cash,” he said to the innkeeper, “and if you need more I’ll pay you when I come back.” With the lockdown that could be a model, as we cannot ourselves be out and doing.

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