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Lots of Friends!

We laid Pat Evanson to rest on Wednesday. What a glorious day weather wise! So hot in fact that the gravedigger told me he wanted it to rain as he preferred to be wet from the outside rather than from the inside.

Many tributes were paid by family members and there was a special friend who represented the 100’s of friends she had. Family members spoke of her love for them all and the way family meant everything to Pat. How wonderful it is to create a happy family around you! You set the tone for children and grandchildren as they launch out to start families.

Many of the friends Pat made were through work. Rolls Royce (where she collared her best friend of all – dashing, motorbiking Dave!), Macullette in Willaston, The Fishhook in Crewe Town Centre (later to become Les’ Fish Bar), Asda.

If you think about it, many of our friendships –even partnerships and marriages – are made or found through our working lives. We have a sort of reason to be there and needing to see other people and interact with them. If something comes of those relationships that is the great bonus.

Our friendships often come from shared interests – such as work, as suggested. If we are not in work, then we need to identify interests which will overlap with those of others. I was reading the other day of one strategy for building community and friendships. Someone could advertise on a noticeboard their interest in, say, playing chess. Quite probably there will be others who would like a game. They get in touch. Common interest perhaps leading to friendship.

Jesus called his disciples friends. Imagine being Jesus’ friend! Actually you are now invited to share his interests, get to know him, be his friend!

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