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Is life a race?

Is speed and time that important? Really? What’s the destination?

When the railways replaced the canals as the main means of transportation the speed went from an average of 4 miles per hour to, say, 30 mph. So on a journey of 100 miles, instead of 25 hours it would take 3 hours. That was a whopping big saving of 22 hours!

As the speed of the trains increased with technological advance let’s say the average speed doubles to 60 mph, the journey takes roughly 90 mins and so you save roughly 90 mins also.

If the train doubles its speed to 125 mph (which some UK trains currently can do) you complete the journey in less than an hour and save about 30 mins.

If you double the speed again to 250 mph on HS2 you complete the journey in less than half an hour and you save about 20 mins.

Can you see what is happening? In the above examples, you go from saving 22 hours, to saving 90 mins, to saving 30 mins, to saving (with HS2) 20 mins. Massive increases in speed result in ever smaller savings in time.

You can see the same pattern with aircraft. Concord, for example, cruised at 3 times the speed of a conventional airliner but the time in the air between London and New York saved just 5 hours! Did the world judge the financial cost, and environmental damage, to be worth it in the long run? What would you do with that extra 5 hours, anyway? Cinema trip? Meal out? Go to church? Nothing much? What about the 20 minute saving on the HS2 trip above? Quick cup of tea?

Heritage railway lines, remember, run at a speed of 20 mph and people love it! Some love it even more when they travel at 4 mph on a canal! Is this going backwards, or... could a slower pace of life be the way forward???

OK, didn’t Jesus say we should all rush around like headless chickens? Somewhere in the Bible I (don’t) suppose.

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