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Farewell to the Blog

I am planning not to write any further daily blogs. We are slowly coming out of lockdown – which was the occasion for starting the blog back in March. Services are about to resume in church, so they should provide the collective identity and spiritual charge which the blog – in a hamfisted way – tried to compensate for.

My retirement (19 July is last day) draws ever nearer – so there is a kind of pressure to leave other things in order to get everything sorted by then.

I would be surprised if anyone were to mourn the passing of the blog, but I might smile if someone said they actually did! I personally might miss writing the blog, as it has provided me with an incentive to think and to reflect more deeply. In some ways the blog has been like private therapy for myself – a bit like some people claim happens when they keep a daily diary. Putting thoughts into words forces you to refine your thinking and identify your priorities.

If you are a counsellor a key part of your role would be to let your client talk through his or her issues. The counsellor’s attentive listening encourages or facilitates this process. Ideally, the client comes to see a way through his or her issues without direction from the counsellor. Writing a letter to someone can work in a similar way. You might set out to write a letter seeking advice from a trusted friend, but by the time you have finished the letter you have worked out what you need to do for yourself! It is often said that a problem shared is a problem halved. The sharing of the problem has helped you see the solution for yourself.

A student undergoing a practical learning experience over a period of time might often be expected to maintain a log or diary. Someone with a health issue might be encouraged to record day by day their food or drink or exercise, etc. Perhaps we should all do something like that at a spiritual level. Maybe God could tell you something in that way which you need to know!

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