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Every little thing counts

There are various lessons folks are trying to learn from the present crisis: resilience, co-operation, gratitude for what we usually take for granted, etc.

But here’s something which I think needs to be brought out.

The purpose of self-isolating serves a dual purpose. It is for the good of the person who is isolating and it is for the good of others. If a person says something like: “I’ll ignore the advice to stay at home and take my chances” that really is poor thinking. Why? Because if you go out you may unwittingly be spreading the virus to someone else, as you may yourself be a carrier, even though you may feel fine yourself.

There is a broader lesson. Someone who likes to speed on the roads may say: “If I get fined or smash my car or injure or kill myself that is my problem, and nothing to do with anyone else.” Poor thinking! Speeding is everyone’s problem, because speeding is a risk to other road users, and the cost of accidents impacts the insurance premiums of every motorist.

If I say: “I’ll only pay my debts at the last minute – only when I am being chased” I effectively make it harder for my creditors to pay their debts, and the effect of that is that someone down the line may end up bankrupt.

You will be able to think of lots of other examples of what I am saying. Pretty well everything we do has a knock-on effect on others. I like to remind parents that their behaviour, even in the privacy of their own homes, will impact on their children. In some cases the children will be traumatised, in others they will take their parents’ behaviour as the norm, in some cases they will rebel against what they have seen. But what they witness will have some effect.

Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care. (Matthew 10:29) Yes, each little action or event counts!

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