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Donate your unwanted books. Buy your bedtime reading

I had a little drive on Friday. I took over to Alsager Book Emporium about 600 books which Gail and I are no longer using. The Book Emporium is housed in a Methodist Chapel. It is a relatively new venture and replaces the book sale which used to take place on Mow Cop. (More about Mow Cop in another Blog.) There are over 50,000 books for modest prices on all manner of subjects. Some are modern, some less so, and some are collectors’ items. What doesn’t get sold will go for pulping/recycling – so nothing is wasted. If a book looks as if it is worth taking to a specialised auction that is where it will go. Some books are sold via the internet. All books are accepted, regardless of age. The bad news is that you won’t get any money for them. You donate them!

The whole enterprise is run by volunteers and in a normal year raises significant sums of money – sufficient to pay for a professional Methodist church worker.

It is a great example of a creative imaginative approach to church and evangelism. People coming to look to buy books probably don’t want to be faced with a sermon! But the fact that the books are in a Methodist chapel, and the enterprise is at heart Christian, may give rise to questions and discussion on spiritual matters. The very wide range of subject matter itself is a kind of theological statement: God is Lord of all! All learning and understanding fits within his planning for the world. Even fiction gives insight into human life and culture.

You can easily see how the place used to operate as a chapel. The pews have gone to make way for the bookshelves, but in your mind’s eye you can see them there still. There is a rather lovely pipe organ in good working order. I know that because I had a go on it! Appropriately, the music section of the Book Emporium is all around the organ. Perhaps 1000 items on the subject of music alone!

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