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Decisions! Decisions! Decisions!

You would think that everything that could be said about the lock-down had been said. Not at all! There are as many perspectives and judgements as ever.

One thing that struck me as I was reading the Sunday paper was that what people call “the science” is a very open sort of thing. The politicians say they are led by “the science”.

Sounds pretty impressive, but what are the scientific truths that we are to be led by?

The truth really is that there is no complete truth. The truth is elusive. And even if the experts truly did know everything there is to know, that still wouldn’t give us the answers to what actions the government should take. Why? Because there are choices about the goals.

What sort of harms are we most interested in avoiding? Harm to business? Harm to the future economy? Harm to NHS staff? Harm to lonely people? Harm to our civil liberties? Harm to our pupils and students? Harm to anyone locked down with an abusive partner or parent or carer? Harm to victims of heart attacks or strokes who might feel squeezed out? Harm to mental health? Harm to the quality of life?

Depending on which harms you prioritise will depend which actions you take. At the end of the day I guess our elected politicians will make these choices for us.

What should we be telling them Jesus would do? I think he would say something like this:

You live in a complex world. That is why my Father gave you a brain with a moral compass!

Seek the best scientific advice you can

Choose what will have long-term benefit, not what will deliver a quick fix or quick popularity.

Choose what will benefit the most people.

Think of benefit in a holistic way, ie not just financial benefit, or simply keeping more people alive, etc.

Accept that matters are not clear-cut, but be prepared to be accountable (not protective of your own reputation) for your choices.

Listen listen listen to all sides of the debate before deciding.

Put yourself in the shoes of the different categories of potential beneficiaries or non-beneficiaries.

Seek consensus.

Don’t take any notice of Jeremy Clarkson, or people like that!

Pray for wisdom. This should be FIRST!

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