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Allow yourself to be challenged!

You have probably heard or read quite a bit about how people have used the lockdown to take stock of their lives. A couple of these blogs have picked up on such themes. I guess you can have too much of a good thing – people can overthink or over-complicate, or become very introspective and self-absorbed - but certainly some reflection is good.

Some people have sadly had more to reflect on than others. For example, if you have lost a loved one during the pandemic, or your job is threatened, or a relationship is under strain.

Some difficult situations can bring out good qualities we didn’t know that we had, but some can break people. But at the end of the day we are the people that we are, and beating yourself over the head may not help.

I was reading a list of questions that have been gathered by the Psychologies Magazine of things which people could be reviewing. Here is a selection from nearly 100 items:

What did you learn about yourself?

Has your view of what makes you happy changed?

What triggered you into negative thinking?

What would you like to do differently going forward?

What can you do to create a more satisfying social life going forward?

What are your main emotional needs?

What do you understand better about the dynamics of your relationships?

What did you admire most during the crisis?

What angered you?

Which of your values and beliefs were challenged?

What new habits will you build into your life, and which ones let go of?

Many of the things Jesus said were calculated to challenge his listeners to think further. He often presented stark choices eg you either were a wise virgin who kept your lamp trimmed or you were an unwise virgin who went to sleep, you were either a sheep or a goat. Most of us are living in a “grey” area, I would guess. But sometimes the either/or choice is a wake-up call: the kind of jolt or challenge we need. Could the lockdown work in a similar way?

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